about fox kitchen

Adventures from my tiny kitchen – probably not much bigger than a fox’s burrow (although I wouldn’t know, I’ve personally never been invited into one).

I like spices, colourful veggies, subtly sweet food that isn’t sugar coated, the satisfying feeling of stirring, chopping, grating and kneading.

I cook mainly vegetarian dishes, often vegan as well. I like recipes that are simple and don’t require hours in the kitchen but still pack a punch of flavour. Everyday kitchen that isn’t blant or boring.

I don’t subscribe to any diet philosophy, for me healthy food is a balanced mixture of unprocessed ingredients like whole grains, healthy fats, legumes (oh, beans, how I love you dearly) and a lot, I mean a lot of vegetables.

Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration here for your own kitchen adventures. Have fun and feel free to experiment!


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